Pebble is a fintech app that pays you to save, spend, and send your money — all in one financial app.

Pebble is a high-yield online banking tool that’s revolutionizing the way people save and spend their money. They are now helping users turn their paychecks into long-term wealth by offering up to 5% APY dividends and 5% cash back on debit card purchases- but it started out as just 4 university students with an idea.

The founders of Pebble came to Slick with a general vision and value proposition for their users, but the specific product features were not solidified yet. We got to work, and after the first few weeks of intensive designing, we created solid process flows and general product structure. The client was highly satisfied, and appreciated our assistance with bringing the product to life.


Analyzed product user personas and came up with specific Look n’ feel

Design system

Created customized design system for product needs


Validated with users and and implemented identified improvements


Another challenge we faced was visual identity. There are several similar online banking products, and we needed to present Pebble as unique, special, modern, and usable. We managed to give the app the simple and inviting style the founders were aiming for.


Design System

Slick’s team assembled design system according to product needs to achieve UX consistency and eliminate further product development efforts. Library was afterwards presented and explained to clients CTO and software engineering team. We worked closely with pebble team during UI/UX design execution phase too. Held weekly sprint plannings and communicated daily to ensure transparency.


After our collaboration, Pebble became Y combinator backed, and raised $6.2 million as seed funding. They continue to succeed today with their uniquely rewarding online banking services.

Unused Version

As mentioned above, we targeted Pebble’s users while creating product identity and had to let some versions go.

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